Suiō-ryū Iai Kenpō - Spain Shibu

Suiō-ryū Iai Kenpō (水鷗流 居合 剣法) is a classical japanese martial art founded by Mima Yoichizaemon Kagenobu in 1615, which has been passed down until today. Katsuse Yoshimitsu Kagehiro is the 15th generation sōke, and teaches the tradition from the honbu dojo, the Hekiunkan, located in Shimizu, in the prefecture of Shizuoka. As heir to the tradition, he is responsible for its transmission, and all training groups in Japan and in other countries are under his supervision.

The spanish shibu (branch) was officially established by Katsuse Yoshimitsu Kagehiro in January 2017 and is under his direct supervision. Currently there are dojos in Alicante, Barcelona, Ciudad Real, La Solana, Llanes, Madrid, Murcia, Oviedo, Ponferrada, Valencia and Valladolid. All members of the tradition in Spain are students of sōke, and are integrated within the shibu, with Alfonso Estrada and Manuel Quintela as its representatives. The spanish shibu is not affiliated to any other organization or federation. Anyone interested in the practice of this tradition in Spain can contact us.